Herbal / Ayurvedic

We have a collection of different brands within the prescription free area. Here you can read more about the brands and the products.

TRACHEAZIL Cough Syrup is an effective and totally harmless herbal cough formula indicated for relieving cough and sore throat, especially for diabetic patients and even for those health-conscious individuals, who wish to restrict their caloric intake.

 Trazil cough Syrup is an effective herbal cough syrup. It is indicated for relieving cough and sore throat. It is free from sugar and alcohol. It is safe for all age groups and especially for diabetic patients.

Kiddisan™ Syrup is an effective herbal formula for colic infants and children. It possesses digestive and carminative properties and relieves the colic symptoms without any adverse effect.

Zenta Naturals Diab-3 Capsule is formulated to maintain the healthy blood sugar level and also provides the nutritional support.Zenta Naturals Diab-3 Capsule is safe for daily consumption.

Zenta Naturals Rhumiaid Capsules formulated to protect the joints and associated muscles, bones and tissues. It improves the joint mobility by reducing the inflammation, pain and stiffness.

Fospan Natural Propolis Herbal lozenges enriched with the goodness of Propolis, Honey and Herbal ingredients. Fospan Natural Propolis Herbal Lozenges indicated in case of sore throat, irritating cough and hoarseness of voice.

Zenta Naturals Fospan Digestive Lozenges is an Ayurvedic lozenge. It helps in digestion and flatulence. Its palatable taste and flavour is suitable for all age groups.

 Zenta Naturals Castor oil can be used as simulative laxative. It provides relief from the occasional constipation.Zenta Naturals Castor oil is a natural emollient and also used as a remedy for dry skin, as massage oil, and may benefit hair as a treatment.

Zenta Naturals Hepnatura Capsules are formulated to maintain the liver health and functioning. It improves digestion and body metabolism

Zenta Naturals Antiox-forte capsules are formulated to boost body immunity. Daily intake of Antiox-forte capsules reduces oxidative stress and supports healthy functioning of organs.

 Zenta Naturals Pilosol Cream is an Ayurvedic formulation recommended in the management of the haemorrhoids (Piles).